Sunday, 8 February 2015

Role of Product Packaging in Marketing Campaigns

As per the surveys, consumers don’t get dissatisfied with the packaging of the product but they do get tempted by impelling and functional packaging ideas. Creative designs, colors used graphics on the display and its overall multisensory appeal influence the decision of buyer. Even consumers are ready to pay extra for the appealing packaging. Overall, conclusion was made packaging do determine buying decision and help to build new market potential. Some supporting facts are listed below:

  • Interesting appearance- A distinctive appearance at point of sales (POS) is a signal to which target group mostly youngsters respond positively. Anything that is able to standout clearly amongst alike items has more chances to get attention of the larger audience. Design, color & Shape- A well thought design is required with creative printing and finishing for alluring customers.

  • Functional Aspects- A successful packaging lies in its functionality. Product, aroma protection, level of hygiene, close binding, environmental concern, storage, see-through windows are some of the attributes that can bring a product to the height of success in sale stores.

  • Novelty- Innovation always works in bringing the product to limelight. It has the power to make even the brand new products look like familiar ones. Intriguing creativity, new functional developments and newness won’t just help to set news trends and do have a positive impact on sales as well.

  • Material Used- Durability, easy to dispose, superb design, glossy, quality and in short impressive packaging material should be used by packaging companies in India to woo the customers. It has direct effect on the brand value and projects the quality and standard of the related organization.

In short, value packaging is a sophisticated way to communicated with the audience about your brand, its values and quality you aspire to deliver. 

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